Change is good

We have been living in our Tiny House since the move down in February and don't have any complaints! The "Tiny Life' is blissful. Warm, cozy, easy to clean, and full of character and memories. Winter was a breeze in our toasty little home. Neither of us were sick this year which is a major … Continue reading Change is good


Christchurch or Bust

After 3 months of building, we have finally moved and moved in to our home. The past couple weeks have been the most intense with the end of our building window coming to a close. Even though we did not manage to complete all features in our home before the move, we are quite chuffed … Continue reading Christchurch or Bust

Inching Along

After a long break spent with family and friends, we are back at it with a vengeance. Progress since the last post has been slow but steady. Our spray foam insulation had a bit of a hiccup when a piece of the pump broke right before Christmas meaning it couldn't be finished until last weekend. The house … Continue reading Inching Along