Christchurch or Bust

After 3 months of building, we have finally moved and moved in to our home. The past couple weeks have been the most intense with the end of our building window coming to a close. Even though we did not manage to complete all features in our home before the move, we are quite chuffed with how well we did with the time we had. We have a cute, functioning kitchen and bathroom, warm cozy lounge, and a spacious gear room. The lot we are renting has heaps of space for a garden and is a healthy bike away from university and work.


The trip down was our house’s first major drive. The house is near the maximum weight at just under 3.5 T and is maxed on height and width at 4.2M tall by 2.54M wide. Since the house is pretty much a giant sail, we watched the weather for wind and drove through the night to avoid traffic. With the exception of one petrol station lamp, everything went smoothly! Our House looked so majestic against some of New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes. We made good time despite our conservative speed of 50-60K per hour and topped the Luis after around 4 hours.


We pulled into a rest stop for a power nap before stopping in Culverden for the day. we set up in a campsite and worked on some of our houses “finishing” touches like our sweet bike key holder (as pictured below), wiring in the marine light switches, and painting a pattern above our loo. At around 7pm, we hit the road to Christchurch.


We pulled up to our lot around 11pm, and discovered that our house was just a bit too big for the fencing. One extension cord and multi tool latter, we had taken down the gate and a bit of fencing to squeeze on in to our new home. After a good nights rest and a few 40 point turn, we were parked up and settling in.


We wasted no time getting acquainted with our new local Bunnings. Numorous trips were made in the first couple of days buying odds and ends. We made some shelving for the kitchen out of some mahogany boards we received from the MenzShed and bought a few brackets and locks for doors and such. There is still a fair bit of work to be done to our Tiny. We would like to put in some shallow shelving in the kitchen, add some trim to the ceiling boarder, make our floating stairs, make our bench, put some built in storage in our gear room, and put in our speakers. Over the next year we plan to pick away at things weekend by weekend. It’s a comfortable, livable, home so we are in no rush to finish.

Our bathroom is up and running with a luxurious copper rain shower rose and a little blue loo. We have an LPG instant hot water giving us that spa like experience. It’s a really really nice shower. It also looks pretty flash with the corrugated iron siding. Before moving into our home, we had never used a composting toilet so we were a bit concerned about how they work. We have been pleasantly surprised so far with the lack of smell and easy to clean separating system. We went with a “Kiwi Bog” separator and biodegradable bags in a stainless bucket. We use a mulch mix instead of just straight saw dust allowing bacteria and microorganisms in the mulch to start breaking down the waste right away. So far so good! We are finally starting to settle in to our schedules and will try and keep the blog up to date with our tiny projects.


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