A Kitchen And Stairs

This last week has raced by and with our deadline for having the tiny house livable only a few weeks away, we are starting to feel the pressure. Over the last week we have moved our focus from the exterior of our little home to the interior. We have installed enough of the wall ply to frame up our steps and kitchen counters so that we can have the gas installed and finish our plumbing.

Our house got a bit of a “face lift” this week with a coat of tinted oil, some trendy trim, and a utility closet built over the front triangle of the trailer. We ordered 20L of tinted oil to weather-proof and color our home over two coats. 10L for the first coat and 10L for the second. We knew we were going to be tight on oil, but we didn’t know just how close we were cutting it. We finished our first coat with just two tablespoons of our designated 10L remaining! The oil does its job, rain now beads off the house rather than soaking into the exterior ply. There is still some trim work left on the outside, but for now, we need to focus on getting the inside livable. There will always be time later in the year to work on some of the finishing details.


Fitting out the inside has been an exciting experience. We have only built the kitchen counters and part of the main loft stairs, but our empty shell is it starting to look like a livable, cozy, cute home! We keep falling in love with our little home more and more as it takes the shape of the place we envisioned over four months ago.


We managed to avoid damaging anything as we battled the patchy showers and the constant carting of ply and tools in and out and in to the house to keep things dry. The spray foam and what little we have installed of our internal ply has made the whole house significantly stiffer and the creaks and sways due to high wind have disappeared (we are so relieved!). The house also stood up to some serious wind and rain last night and was still there this morning, warm and dry inside, without a trace of the passing storm.


We are looking at fitting more internal ply in the following week as well as having the gas hooked up to our stove and getting the bathroom fitted out and ready for living. We are also excited at sorting out some of the finishing touches like curtains, cushions, and cabinets which will really help bring our stylish little house to life.


If you read the Nelson Mail, we have been asked to do an interview next week so keep your eyes out for an article! We will also post a copy of it here for non-locals.

This journey has been incredible so far and we can’t wait to see where it takes us. We could never have imagined that we would be where we are today six months ago and we have met so many new people and friends through the process of building our own space. Soon we will be first home owners in our own little way.


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