Inching Along

After a long break spent with family and friends, we are back at it with a vengeance. Progress since the last post has been slow but steady. Our spray foam insulation had a bit of a hiccup when a piece of the pump broke right before Christmas meaning it couldn’t be finished until last weekend. The house is now fully insulated and we are so happy with the job that Konstruhkt did!


We have put up most of our trim around the outside of the house and have nearly finished building our utility closet on the front triangle. The wires have all been laid in place so that internal ply can be installed, most of our plumbing is done, and we have a gas fitter coming next week for our califont and oven.

Deciding how we were going to wire our home has turned out to be lot more difficult than we could have first imagined. We spoke to a couple of tiny house owners who all ran 12v and swore by it because of their solar system. We spoke to some solar companies who gave us different recommendations from running 24v through to 240v. Wherever we went we seemed to get different opinions and views. The problem we have found with running a straight 12v system is the gigantic wire sizes required to overcome the voltage drop over larger distances. 12v is ideal for our future solar set up and there are a lot of 12v appliances available from the marine and automotive scene. 24v is more efficient for the distances we will be running our cable and for solar but there are not many appliances available on the NZ market. Running on mains would be the easiest and cheapest but we don’t like the idea of of having an inverter constantly running and having to run all the high draw appliances. We have decided to go with a combination of a 24v and 12v.  We will be running 24v throughout the house with step downs to 12v at each power point and a transformer to run all our 12v appliances. This means that we can eventually hook four 6v deep cycle batteries in series to power our little home purely from solar.


Are we 100% confident this is the right system? Not quite, but we have decided and will have to overcome any unforeseen hurdles later. We were very lucky that Stophs dad gave us so much of his holiday to help. He is the man behind our plumbing, electrics, and many of our decisions that have come with building.


We will start installing internal ply soon and finally oil up the outside of our house. It will start to become more like the home we envisaged. The clock is ticking and we have some big days ahead of us if we are to live in it next month.


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