Spray Foam, Christmas and a well Deserved Respite.

We have accomplished more than we thought we would in a month by a long shot and are proud of our progress and humbled at the thought of what is to come. The windows are all in place and the house has been towed for the first time. Early this morning we drove our house to Konstruhkt to be spray foamed, after which we will be weighing it for the first time. We are very nervous about our first weigh, but we are confident that we have built the house as light as we could for the quality and stability we want in our home.


Installing the windows has gone surprisingly well. It took a couple sets of hands for the bigger ones and some major altering of our overpriced Contour Roofing window flashings, but they are finally in, and damn is there some light in our house! We put quite a lot of thought and time into the design of our Tiny House and with the walls and windows up, we think it has turned out even better than expected (it feels huge!).

Over the last week we have had a fair number of visitors through our doors to check out the build and talk to us about how and why we are building a tiny house. The reactions from people have been very positive and there seams to be a lot of people who have thought about or are thinking about building their own. We have been very lucky and couldn’t have built our dream house without the support of our friends, family, and the community. Without this support, we would have had a lot less of a house for a much larger price tag. Its interesting talking to these people and hearing them say “I wish I had done this when I was younger” or “I wish our children would do something like this”. All I can say is everyone’s circumstances are different and today is very different to yesterday. We would also say that its never too late to follow your dreams and make them happen!


We have had a ridiculous amount of luck with the timing of of our build from finishing the roof right before the storm, to having our windows in just in time for spray foaming. We got a call from Konstruhkt on Monday saying that they had a gap in their schedule due to a hold up in supplies for their other projects and that they could fit us in early this week. This made our month! We have been worried about potential hold ups in our build since we started and were getting concerned about how little there was left to do before the spray foaming. So this morning we woke up around 4:40 to get our house on the move and avoid any major traffic. The house is big and slow to drive so the fewer drivers on the road, the better for both them and us.


Our little home is currently half insulated and if all goes well, will be finished sometime tomorrow. Konstruhkt runs an impressive operation and we could not be happier with their product and service. They even let us watch and explained the process and the equipment so that we would have an even more in-depth understanding of how the insulation affects our house. We are so thankful that Alan from the Wiamea MenzShed put us in contact with Konstruhkt. They are the only company that we know of in Nelson that could do spray foam insulation. The foam is an extremely hard, closed-cell polyurethane foam that is not only waterproof but also a structural foam, which is going to help stiffen up our whole building in an attempt to reduce possible racking. It also has a ridiculously high R rating!


We look forward to starting work on the inside and getting some final touches done on the outside. It will also be good to know how much the house weighs and how much more we can put in before the drive to Christchurch. The building progress will slow down significantly over the next few weeks since we absolutely love Christmas and want to spend time with the family but will keep you all posted 😉

A Merry Christmas to all and we hope this next year brings you a step closer to realizing your dreams.

Kind regards
Anna & Stoph


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